Xiamen Cross-Strait Commodity Exchange (XMCCE) is one of the trading key driver established in Xiamen FTZ under Xiamen financial policy to create business opportunities as part of OBOR strategy planning. XMCCE is jointly ventured by government-owned China New Building Group Corporation and Baojin Holdings Group approved by Xiamen Municipal and Xiamen Municipal Finance Department to provide comprehensive commodity trade services such as stock warrants, managed fund settlement service, online financing, warehousing and logistics and bonded exhibition and trade.

Coupled with financial technology, XMCCE assists enterprises to meet raw material demands, semi-finished product procurement, finished products procurements, financial support services and account receivable to create a closed multi-dimensional internet supply chain finance model.

XMCCE act as a core platform aims to achieve “industry + internet + finance” integration allowing enterprises to experience a new O2O industrial supply chain ecosystem.

Cross-strait e-mall is the B2C platform of the commodity exchange providing “internet + commodity market” consolidating global suppliers and products worldwide. The main function of e-mall is to identify and tightly select premium, valuable and special products to be trade in commodity trade system with over 200 agents and brokers around China.