In the 21st century whereby global leaders and enablers focusing on marketing globalization and rising of food safety issues in various regions, it is a perfect timing to globally institutionalise the integration of Halal offerings using value chains leveraging food safety in the international market whilst riding on technological savvy and agricultural championship to achieve ambitions at global scale.

MAHIEZTM (Modern Agriculture & Halal International Economic Zone) – A gigantic conglomerate business platform caters for SMEs integrating strategic business grouping, innovations development and inheritance providing sufficient opportunities and resources thriving on education, health, finance, real estate, ICT and culture to create win-win a situation. It is a super-initiative carrying six flagship arms with physical presence in China being the monumental driver in democratizing Halal entrepreneurship and the offering of Halal and Agriculture products, technology and services - for the whole world.

MAHIEZTM captured the significant market regions as in the ancient Silk Road (Eurasia) and positions itself in the global Halal market with 3 interconnected prime growth nodes creating the “Global Halal Trade Initiative” along China’s OBOR Initiative riding on O2O (online to offline) ecommerce platform. The 3 prime nodes are MAHIEZTM @Malaysia as the Halal manufacturing and initiatives, MAHIEZTM @China as the resourcing and manufacturing base and MAHIEZTM @Bahrain as the distribution center and Islamic finance. Combining these 3 prime nodes, the targeted markets reached to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe (include Russia) and North Africa covering 2/3 of the global Halal food market valued approximately USD 375 billion.

Globally, Muslim populations is over 1.8 billion with Halal food products reaching USD 580 billion and non-food products approximately USD 1.8 trillion. Halal foods are not only consumed by Muslim but also non-Muslim. Halal food is the key to curb global food safety issues as Halal indicates the hygiene and safety of the food consumed. Hence, Halal food industry will grow significantly each year and become the global food consumption.